Gifts for Bassoon and Oboe Players

It should come as no surprise that learning to play bassoon and oboe is a challenging undertaking. Having family and friends support a musician in their journey can make a world of difference (especially in the early years) in a player’s confidence and growth. 

However, buying gifts for a double reed player is hard when you don’t know the instrument and even more challenging when you’re located in Canada and don’t want to pay more for shipping than the item itself. 

Here are a couple of gifts you can get a bassoon or oboe player in your life.

Note: At the time of writing, items selected in this guide are readily available within Canada. 

Reed Soaker/Tool Holder 

Product Image, Reed Soaker

A new take on the standard reed soaker, this light and compact design clears up clutter on the music stand. A Reed Supplies Canada customer-favourite, this reed soaker securely holds a water cup to prevent spills and has the added feature of magnets on the front for holding tools. 

Made in Canada, this is a unique budget-friendly gift that bassoon and oboe players continue to love and adore. 


Reed Supplies Canada Reed Soaker 

For added convenience while on the go, add on a carabiner so it can easily clipped to an instrument case or bag. 

Reed soaker attached with carabiner to bassoon case

Oboe/Bassoon Stand

I didn’t get my first oboe stand until 3 years into playing and it was a lifechanger. Walking into rehearsal we have a lot of things to carry: music, instrument, reed case, water cup, etc. A stand gives us a safe place to put our instruments while we tend to other things. Not to mention when you’re given a break in rehearsal you can actually move around and talk to people without worrying about your instrument getting stepped on (bassoonists I’m thinking of you). 

Product image Fox Oboe Stand
Bassoon stands in particular are on the pricy side but you’ll only have to buy one once.  

Product Image fox bassoon stand


Fox Oboe Stand

Fox Bassoon Stand 


Plain and simple, everybody loves a good sticker. Musicians especially, love to show off their collection on their instrument cases, folders, etc. Check out these awesome stickers from KassandraBassoon on Etsy (yes, she has oboe ones as well). 

Bassoon Reed StickerOboe Reed StickerOboe StickerBassoon Sticker


Stickers by KassandraBassoon

International Double Reed Society (IDRS) Membership

International Double Reed Society Logo

The International Double Reed Society (IDRS) is a worldwide nonprofit organization made up of professional double reed players, students, amateurs, hobbyists, university/college instructors, music teachers, institutions, instrument manufacturers, double reed product retailers, reed makers, and enthusiasts. 

Membership includes access to the full IDRS website (conference videos, live streaming, past publications, and member directory), monthly e-newsletter, quarterly print journal The Double Reed, and discounted rates for the annual IDRS convention. 

IDRS is an amazing resource for players of all abilities. You are able to gift a membership and rates start at $35 USD for students. 


IDRS Membership

Magnetic Pencils

Musicians always need them and you can never have too many. Mark up music in style with our colour-changing pencils. A great stocking stuffer, magnetic pencils will stick to most music stands and help clear up clutter on the stand. 



Magnetic Mood Pencil

Solitary Refinement, Chromatics Chords & Scales—Concepts for the Committed Bassoonist 

Book Cover, Solitary Refinement

Written by Canadian bassoonist Nadina Mackie Jackson, this book is available in multiple formats and printed on-demand in Canada. 

“Drawing on her extensive career as a professional bassoonist and teacher, Nadina Mackie Jackson has assembled a comprehensive volume of technical exercises for the serious bassoonist. This book covers chromatic scales in many permutations and intervals, diatonic scales and chords, and exercises designed to strengthen fundamental basics, such as fingering, embouchure, double tonguing, vibrato, tuning, and tone quality.

In elegant, accessible prose, Nadina Mackie Jackson also shares her wisdom on the importance and philosophy of technical practice, with sensible advice on how to build good habits. Beyond the exercises, this book also serves as a guide for bassoonists on how to set personal goals and develop a sustained practice that will nurture their musical growth over a lifetime.”


Solitary Refinement

Reed Supplies Canada Gift Card 

When in doubt, a gift card is also a great choice. Although many have deemed gift cards impersonal, a double reed player may enjoy this more than you’d expect. Bassoon and oboe players are often very picky about the type of cane and tools they use to make and adjust reeds. Gift cards allow the player to select the supplies that will be most helpful for them and can encourage them to experiment with something they might not have tried otherwise while still being able to choose something they know will be useful.

Gift cards can be purchased in varying denominations and never expire. 


Reed Supplies Canada Gift Card

Be sure to also check out our Bassoon and Oboe Gift collections for more ideas on what to get the double reed player in your life. 

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