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Brittany McCorriston


Brittany McCorriston was born in Richmond Hill, Ontario. She began piano lessons at the age of 5 and began playing wind instruments in middle school. Brittany began studying oboe in 2010 and studied with Vickey Hathaway. After high school, Brittany stepped away from music and decided to study Outdoor Adventure Education. After having a significant injury that caused departure from the program, Brittany used music to aid in her recovery. It was then that she began playing bassoon. Brittany is currently studying Contemporary Writing and Production with a minor in Instrument Repair at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA and studied with Margaret Phillips.


Brittany performs regularly on bassoon and oboe in Canada and the USA. She is currently a part of the Large Ensemble Programs at Boston Conservatory at Berklee where she is the principle bassoon in Wind Ensemble and Chamber Orchestra, as well as second bassoon in Boston Conservatory’s Orchestra. Brittany is active among the greater Boston community and is the principle bassoonist for the Rivers Symphony Orchestra in Weston, MA. Brittany also plays oboe in the Scoring Session Program at Berklee College of Music. She participates in regular recording sessions for various film and video-game music projects. In Fall 2019, Brittany was a double reed specialist at the York Music Camp in Orillia, ON.

Brittany is passionate about instrument repair and reed making. She is currently studying instrument repair at Berklee College of Music and spends much of her free time in the repair shop working on her own projects. She also works for the piano maintenance department at Berklee as a Piano Maintenance Assistant. Brittany regularly attends reed-making workshops and is fascinated by the little things that go wrong or right when adjusting reeds. Brittany believes that reed-making is a journey and loves to discuss with other double-reed players about what has made their journey unique.

When not in school Brittany is passionate for community outreach and service. She is the Communities Representative for the Student Government Association at Berklee College of Music. In this position she works with the office of Disability Services and Diversity and Inclusion advocating for the improvement of student services and inclusion practices. In Spring 2019 she went to Houston Texas to assist with disaster relief left by Hurricane Harvey.



Susan LeBlanc

Product Specialist

Susan has an extensive work history as a product manager both at corporate and small business levels.  Her product management and negotiation experience allows her to work with our suppliers so that RSC can provide competitive pricing for the Canadian market.  As a former member of IE Canada (Canadian Importers and Exporters Association) and OTA (Ontario Trucking Association) she is familiar with import and export regulations. Susan has been part of numerous working groups developing solutions for cross border security. Her experience in these industries means that she understands what it takes to get products into the country and delivered to your front door in a timely manner.