Our Story

The Beginning


Founded in 2018, Reeds Supplies Canada (RSC) began out of frustration with the available options double reed players in Canada had to purchase reed making supplies. As a young bassoonist, when the time came for founder Brittany McCorriston to begin making reeds, she quickly realized the amount of experimenting with different canes, and tools one must go through before finding a reed making process that works. That experimental stage was difficult financially as Brittany, an already cash-strapped student, was afraid to order large amounts of cane or expensive tools in fear they wouldn’t work. This financial burden was exasperated by the fact that almost everything she needed to order had to be imported into the country. This meant added shipping fees, delays at the border, currency conversion, duties and taxes.



Reed Supplies Canada strives to offer complete customer satisfaction and competitive pricing. Our suppliers are known around the world for their quality cane and tools. We cut out the middle man by importing directly from the manufacturer. Our inventory is constantly growing, and we are always open to bringing on new products that suit your needs. RSC is actively aware of the climate crisis and participates in sustainable business practices. Such as using recycled boxes, newspaper as a packaging agent, and paper packing tape. RSC is committed to providing double reed players with the tools they need to succeed while preserving the earth for future generations.

Why Choose Us?


Reed Supplies Canada’s is proudly Canadian. With a continuously growing inventory, all prices are shown in Canadian dollars. All products are packaged and shipped within Canada. You can shop with peace of mind knowing there will be no unexpected fees. Also, did we mention that when you order through us your package is GUARANTEED not to be held at border inspection for days on end?



Have a double reed product and looking to further your distribution? Reeds Supplies Canada is always looking to bring on new products. Please contact us at reedsuppliescanada@gmail.com for more information.