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ACDC Contrabassoon Reed

ACDC Contrabassoon Reed

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Reeds are hand crafted by master reed maker Ariel Detwiler using Rieger cane and a Burl Lane shape.

"My contrabassoon reeds strive for a consistently warm, high quality sound combined with an air support approach as opposed to embouchure manipulation or tension, allowing for longer stretches of performance. My motto is always, "let the reed do the work!" These reeds are tested on a variety of contrabassoons, but mainly a borrowed Moosmann professional instrument.

Contrabassoons are highly varied when it comes to intonation and sound quality, so please keep in mind any contrabassoon reed may need a bit of adjusting to fit your needs. My contrabassoon reeds tend to play quite flat on Amati instruments, and need to be cut 1-2 mm to play in tune and move the tuning slide. On Moosmanns, Puchners, Foxes, Mollenhauers, etc., these reeds should play well in tune with the tuning slide pulled out, providing for adjustment of intonation in performance."

Colours may vary. Reeds come in a metal tin.


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