Rieger GSP Bassoon Cane

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Gouged, shaped, and profiled bassoon cane by Rieger, sold in individual pieces.

There are three different shapes available, please select type.

Rieger shape No.1: 15 mm wide

Rieger shape No. 1A: 15.5 mm wide

Rieger shape No. 2: 16 mm wide

Available with or without scoring. Scoring is a necessary step in the reed forming process. Purchasing cane that is pre-scored, saves time and ensures accurate and even scoring. 


Total length: 120 mm
Blade length: 30 mm
Shaft length: 30 mm
Dimension gouged: 1.25 mm
Dimension pass blade/shaft: 0.95 mm
Dimension middle profiled: 0.6 - 0.65 mm