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Danzi GSP Bassoon Cane

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Gouged, shaped, and profiled bassoon cane by Danzi – Medium/Hard, sold in individual pieces. There are three different shapes available, please select type.

Danzi Mod. 1 (Regular)

Danzi Mod. 1 (Regular) are gouged, shaped and tempered bamboo woods. They come from the Var region in France, from the Arundo Donax plant. This material does not contain any chemical additives. These woods are manufactured entirely in the Danzi workshop. The wood is selected, gouged, profiled and shaped with shapes and tempers created by Ovidio Danzi.

Danzi Mod. 2 (Shaped and tempered 9.2)

These canes have the same features as the previous ones, they only differ by their dimension. The width of the shape is 0.2mm larger.

Danzi Large (Shape to be molded)
These woods have been previously manufactured, sectioned, gouged and shaped with a large shape, so that the bassoonist can manipulate the cane as they wish. They are used by bassoonists who prefer the whole reed to have their personal shape.